Text Box: Computer Cowboys Inc.

Text Box: Exceeding Expectations in Business Technology!






                                  How many PC's do you use in your business?     

                                                1 - 5          6 - 10          11 - 24          25 - 50          > 50


                                         What Operating Systems do you use on your PC's?

                                                Windows 95/98          Windows 2000          Windows XP          Other



                                         How many servers do you use in your business?

                                                0              1              2              3              > 3


                                         What Operating Systems do you use on your servers?

                                                Windows NT              Windows Server 2000              Windows Server 2003

                                                Windows Small Business Server 4.5              Windows Small Business Server 2000

                                                Windows Small Business Server 2003              Linux              Other


                                         What productivity suite (Word, Excel, etc.) do you use in your business?

                                                MS Office 97          MS Office 2000          MS Office XP          Other



                                         What financial system do you use in your business?

                                                Great Plains          BusinessVision          Quickbooks          Simply Accounting          Other


                                          Do you utilize a database server in your business?

                                                No              SQL Server              Oracle              MySQL              Other


                                          Do you use a message (e-mail) server in your business?

                                                No              MS Exchange 2000              MS Exchange 2003              Other


                                          Which messaging (e-mail) client do you use in your business?

                                                Outlook 97          Outlook 2000          Outlook XP          Other



                                          What speed is your Internet connection?

                                                DSL              T1              T3              Other


                                          What do you use for Internet security?

                                                Hardware Appliance          ISA 2000              ISA 2005          Other


                                          Do you have a website?          Yes          No

                                                    If so, do you manage the site yourself?              Yes              No              Not Applicable

                                                    Do you host the site internally?              Yes              No              Not Applicable


                                          How are your business needs supported?

                                                Employed technical staff          Office Guru (person with the most technical 'know-how')

                                                Friend or family member of one of your staff          Consultants


                                          Does your technology meet the needs of your business?              Yes              No

                                          Are you satisfied with the technical support you are receiving?              Yes              No

                                          Do you have sufficient reporting to successfully manage your business?              Yes              No

                                          Are your staff properly trained to be effective in their job?              Yes              No

                                          Are you able to securely connect to your office remotely?          Yes          No          Not Desired

                                          Are you able to effectively collaborate with others on projects?          Yes          No          Not Desired

                                          What is your greatest technical concern in your business?        


                                          How many employees are employed in your business?

                                                1 - 5              6 - 10              11 - 24              25 - 50              > 50


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